COVID-19 Response Efforts

Good morning to all the families of our Residents. We thought you would like to know of our concern for your loved ones whom we have in our care at the Wildflower. We are fully aware that your loved ones are in the age group that needs to be watched over carefully. We are monitoring the Covid-19 status vigilantly. Out of an abundance of caution, we have discontinued all outside visits from anyone other than family members.

Of course, as family members, we want to welcome you. However, if you feel at all ill, or even if you suspect that you may become ill, we would urge you to check in by telephone, rather than in person. We want to be very careful. We have instituted even more thorough hand washing requirements and other sanitary procedures than our usual protocols and we feel comfortable with our precautions. Of course the best precaution is to be careful and we fully intend to do just that.

We so appreciate the opportunity to take care of your loved ones. Thank you for trusting us.

Supplemental Infection and Communicable Disease protocol

For Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic happening in 2020, The Wildflower of Rigby has instituted additional standards and protocols for the protection of Residents and Staff within the Facility.

The Facility currently follows the Standard Infection Control procedures as promulgated by the CDC. Implementation of these procedures is governed by Subsection IV of this Section 6.

In addition to the Standard Infection Control Procedures currently being used in the Facility, The Wildflower of Rigby has implemented the following supplemental practices to protect both Residents and Staff of the Facility. These supplemental procedures are based on guidelines from the Idaho Dept of Health and Welfare:


General visitation to the Facility has been basically terminated. The only people allowed to enter the Facility are:

  1. Staff;
  2. Home health care workers who have specific tasks to perform with specific Residents, such as physical therapists
  3. Hospice nurses and bath aides.

Entrance to the Facility is controlled. There is only one public entrance to each building. Any of the above mentioned persons coming in must knock on the door.

Entrance to Facility:

Hand sanitizing stations are located just inside the public entrance of each building. The following protocol is followed upon any authorized person entering the facility”

  1. The person sanitized his or hands;
  2. There person’s temperature will be taken with a thermometer that is sanitized after every use;
  3. The person completes a form that identifies:
    1. his or her name,
    2. the date of the visit,
    3. the person’s temperature
    4. questions regarding potential exposure to Covid-19;
    5. As of April 20, 2020, the time of entrance to the Facility and the time of departure from the Facility.
    6. A sample of this form is attached to this protocol for reference.
  4. This form is kept within the records of the Facility and will be available if needed in the future for use in contract tracing.

Monitoring for Resident Illness:

Each Resident is being monitored on at least a daily basis for temperature and potential symptoms, including sore throats, coughs or sneezes, lack of sense of taste or smell, general feeling of malaise.

Staff is also monitored daily in the same way.

Social Distancing:

Dining: Residents, Staff Members and any authorized visitors are practicing social distancing. Residents are eating at the dining room table, but are fed in shifts so that they may maintain a six (6) foot distance from each other.

All other activities: Residents are maintaining a six (6) foot distance when watching television and during any other activity outside of their rooms.


All items brought into the Facility are sanitized in a manner appropriate to the item, either by wiping the item a with cloth that is wetted with a sanitizing solution or by spraying with a sanitizing solution.

General sanitizing of the Facility: All frequently touched surfaces, including but not limited to, doors, door knobs, sinks, faucets, hand rails, light switches, toilet handles. This procedure is documented on the ECP or Electronic Care Provider, which is electronic record keeping system used by the Facility.

Resident Absence from the Facility:

Should a Resident leave the Facility, either with family or for medical reasons, when the Resident returns, he or she will be treated as if they have been exposed to Covid-19. For any Resident who shares a room, and if the Facility is able, the returning Resident will be quarantined into a private room. If the Facility is not able to accommodate a private room arrangement in this situation, the Resident will have to provide documentation from his or her physician or other health care provider indicated that the requirements of a 14-day quarantine have been met and that the Resident is cleared medically to re-enter the Facility.

In the case of an admission of new Resident, such a person will be treated as if he or she has been exposed to Covid-19 and will be quarantined in his or her room for a 14 day period.

Protocol for quarantine:

  1. Resident room will be thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces will be sanitized;
  2. All bed linens will be freshly washed and bed will be freshly made;
  3. All personal items brought with the new Resident will be sanitized;
  4. All contact between Staff and the Resident will be conducted with the Staff Member wearing appropriate personal protective gear, including gloves, mask and gown.

Suspicion of presence of Covid-19:

The Wildflower of Rigby possesses three (3) Covid-19 tests. If either a Resident or Staff Member is suspected of having Covid-19, the appropriate specimen will be collected by the Facility Nurse and sent to the appropriate laboratory for testing.


If the test is positive, notice will be given to the Region 7 Health Department in Idaho Falls whose telephone number is 208-522-0310, (if during business hours) or to the Covid-19 hotline number that is 877-554-3367 if after hours. The appropriate website for reporting is